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Slow Flow – Ground | Balance | Awaken

A slow flowing vinyasa practice that will build both strength and flexibility. With lower heat, longer holds and slower transitions the steady pace of this class will give you the perfect balance of energy and calm. If you love the style of our hot flow classes but prefer a little less heat this is the perfect practice for you! (Warm room 26 – 28)

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Hot Flow – Energise | Inspire | Transform

Our signature class – a steadily flowing vinyasa class that will get you moving and sweating. Practiced in a heated room you will detox the body, develop your strength and stability and improve your flexibility. As with all our classes this is a balanced complete practice that will close with a grounding relaxation – leaving you feeling clear, calm and inspired. (Heated room 30 – 32)

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Fluid Flow – Create | Challenge | Evolve

A dynamic vinyasa class that will inspire awareness through fluid mindful movement. In this class we explore a wide range of possibilities of postures including inversions and arm balances to challenge, evolve and grow your practice. Variations and modifications are always offered to ensure that each person is inspired regardless of their level of practice. (Warm room 26 – 28)

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Hatha Flow – Connect | Nurture | Uplift

A steady and flowing practice to calm your mind and nurture your body. Hatha flow explores a more quiet pace of practice with an emphasis on mindful movement to ground and soothe, perfectly preparing you for the final part of the class – an uplifting extended meditation or yoga nidra practice. (Mild room 24 – 26)

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Yin Yoga – Rest | Relax | Restore

Enjoy long deep stretches to release mental and physical tension. Working primarily with the connective tissue of the body Yin is the perfect complement to our stronger more active practices. Poses are held for extended periods of time fully supported with bolsters and blankets. This is the perfect practice to relax and soothe both your body and your mind. (Mild room 24 – 26)

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Yoga Essentials – Learn | Explore | Grow

A slow flowing class that explores the foundations of our yoga practice – including postures, breath work and relaxation. This class will empower you by focusing on the basics – helping you to learn and grow. Yoga Essentials is highly recommended for new students and also regular practitioners who wish to fine tune their practice. (Mild room 24 – 26)

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