Change The Way You See is the inspiring, empowering and life-changing three-day workshop based on Rod Stryker’s bestselling book – The Four Desires

Location Name: Yoga Flame
Investment: $549

March 20 - 22

Change The Way You See with The Four Desires is the inspiring, empowering and life-changing three-day workshop based on Rod Stryker’s bestselling book – The Four Desires.

The Four Desires works with you to create a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom. Change The Way You See is proud to bring you the first Australian Four Desires workshop.

Is there some part of you asking is there more to life?

Do you want to bring more balance into your world?

You will uncover your life’s purpose, discover your heart’s desires and learn how to apply the science of yoga in the art of fulfilling them, learn the ancient process for fulfilling specific intentions and apply the most effective processes to break free from your non-constructive patterns.

This is a process for anyone – whether you have never done yoga or you’re an expert­­­­ – wanting a better, richer, more meaningful life! This workshop will help you with how to change how you see yourself, the world and your connectedness to it all.

Change the Way You See lets you see it all with new eyes

Look deeper into you than ever before

During Change the Way You See with The Four Desires, you will develop your own personal dharma code or statement of your unique soul’s purpose for being here. This is a carefully crafted statement designed to guide you in the choices you make for the rest of your life. Your dharma code will be worded in such a way that dissolves the obstacles in your life for fulfilling your unique purpose on the planet.


Early Bird $549 before January 22, 2020 (discount will be applied at checkout)
Full cost $595 after January 22, 2020

With limited places, early bird registration is highly recommended. This program is open to everyone.

It is required to bring a journal and a pen for the workshop. There is an alternative to pre-purchase The Four Desires Workbook by Rod Stryker, on Kindle or some hard copies will be available to purchase on the day.

Note: This is a Para Yoga Registered Program, participants will be eligible for accreditation towards PYMT. 


Workshop dates and times;

Friday 20th March 12pm – 9pm

Saturday 21st March 11pm – 9pm

Sunday 22nd March 11.30pm – 4pm

Your presenters;

Rene Quenell of Yoga Madre is a Para Yoga Master teacher, yoga therapist and  ‘Four Desires’ presenter from the US. She is excited to be bringing ‘Change The Way You See with The Four Desires to Australia.

With  20 years of experience, René embodies the teachings of yoga and meditation through her dedicated spiritual practice and mentorship of countless yoga teachers and practitioners worldwide.

Kel Green from AwakenIn is an Australian certified teacher for ‘The Four Desires’ and has partnered with Rene Quenell to present Change the way you see with the Four Desires for the first time in Australia.

Kel brings the wisdom of spiritual psychology and Tantric Science to her teaching.  With 20 years of experience, she expertly helps us weave these amazing teachings into our lives.