Why I love Yoga…

Yoga connects me to my breath, my body and my mind – it demands that I am fully present as ME – not distracted, busy , multitasking or trying to be some other version of “me”. It shows what is real by stripping away all the superfluous stuff and connects me to the core of my being.

It is for everyone! One of my favourite moments as a teacher and studio owner is being a witness to the beautiful, varied and colourful tapestry of people practising together. A grandfather, a biker, a dancer, a mum, a punk, a banker – all these labels are stripped away and we are all simply people connecting to our body, breath and mind – lifting each other up as a collective by discovering the best in ourselves and in others.

Yoga plugs me in to the rhythm of life- the days and nights, the seasons, the tides. By watching the pulsation of breath – the ebb and flow of energy – I realise not to rush, not to push but to allow an unfolding – a revealing – of life. Like nature everything happens at the right time when it is ready – it is never in a hurry.

When I practice regularly life is simply better. I have patience with my boys, I laugh when I stumble, I keep my gaze ahead and my jaw relaxed, I savour the quiet times and am able to breathe through the crazy times. As Swami Rama says – my practice “makes me free from fear and full of joy.” It help me remember what is important – love, laughter, joy, connection.

Yoga makes me grateful for the blessings I have – my body, my breath, nature, my loved ones, my community. It makes me appreciate the elegance and simplicity of the amazing world we live in.

I know that yoga is my path – my dharma if you like – life shows me this again and again. When my practice slides everything becomes a little harder, more of a struggle. But when I reconnect to my mat, when I re-establish my meditation practice, when I recite my mantra life opens up to me. The road becomes easier and natural and smooth when I am doing what I was put here to do; to love, to nurture, to teach and mostly to learn and to grow.

This is why I love yoga x



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