What is Self Knowledge? By John Weddepohl

People wonder what the heck is Self-knowledge.

I’d say nothing more profound or meaningful has ever happened to me. Nothing is more astounding or astonishing than discovering the Truth that is indeed your self. Until I learned आत्मा विद्या Atma Vidya from my teacher I too had no idea that something as important and meaningful was missing from my life and that Self-knowledge even existed.

The penny finally dropped though as I realised Self-knowledge is all that’s ever been taught and been held sacred in India. Like no other knowledge, the knowledge of the knower is a continuous stream of teaching flowing through oral tradition.

What Krsna taught Arjuna in the Bhagavad Ghita; the knowledge that Kings Janaka, Dhrtarastra received from their Gurus, that the Buddha the enlightened one received from his teacher. That Jesus learned this knowledge from his teachers at Jaganath Puri Odisha and then brought it back to the west to begin his mission is also possible.

Saved for all the generations if you have ever questioned the nature of existence, Self-knowledge answers all your questions. It has to. The Upanishads are the oldest teachings of mankind. The most ancient part of the Vedas is the Upanishadic wisdom distilled in आत्मा विद्या Atma Vidya. As ancient as the timeless Self to say this knowledge is important is an understatement.

Ignoring it is to ignore your Self.

As important and meaningful as the arrival of yoga has been to the 20th century, so the teaching of Atma Vidya is going to be to the 21st century. Without Atma Vidya with all that’s happening in the world the future survival of yoga, spirituality and religion is extremely bleak. There is no teaching more important than Self-knowledge at this time.

Anyone who makes this journey to study Self-knowledge is blessed. Other than through a teacher teaching in Sanskrit it has always been kept sacred. Up till now, this journey has rarely been available to the western seeker. Only very recently have English speakers been sharing it.

I am so touched by how Rachel and our close friends and students are trying their best to share their enthusiasm for the wisdom of these teachings.

But we can all talk until we are blue in the face, It’s all up to you. Sign up and take that first step. This could be the most valuable step you will ever take in your lifetime.

Hari Om


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