I will never forget the first time I stepped on a yoga mat over a decade ago – I emerged from class feeling light and spacious and free. And I wanted more…

Within a couple of months I was practising up to 10 times a week and starting a regular meditation practice. However I still wanted more so I decided to enrol in my first Teacher Training program.

I was very fortunate to be practising regularly with Jimmy Barkan so I enrolled in his program. At the time it wasn’t the desire to teach that drove me to the Training – it was a hunger to know more, to dive deeper into the practice.

My first Teacher Training changed the course of my life in many profound ways. I became physically stronger, mentally calmer and most importantly developed a respect for myself that I had never felt before. For many years I had been involved in the hospitality industry – working and partying for most of the time. After spending time during the training really looking after myself I had this revelation about how good it felt to feel good!

Over the next few years I continued studying yoga in advanced Trainings and exploring different teachers that resonated with me. I started to drop my shifts in hospitality and started teaching more and more yoga classes. Then in June 2006 I had the most powerful moment I have ever had on my mat and it is this that drives me to both teach and to continue to study yoga to this day.

I was at Training with my teacher Rod Stryker and we had done a morning practice for about two and a half hours. When I stepped off my mat after savasana the world was literally different to me.  The colours around me were more vivid than I had ever seen, I could feel the vibration of the people and the building around me, my feet felt like they were barely touching the earth. It was at the same time the most surreal and the most real moment of my life.

From this moment I understood the practice, I knew the magic, I felt the connection – the union – the YOGA…and I had to share it with the world.

As I write this I am making final preparations to travel to London to study with Rod again, appreciating the learning, knowledge and transformation that is transferred through teacher training. And life is coming full circle – after studying, practising and teaching for over a decade it is now time for me and my partner to give this gift to others. It is humbling and inspiring – there is just so much to learn and also so much to give.

Whether you just want to dive deeper into the practice or want to share it with others I highly recommend taking this transformational journey – believe me – it will ignite and inspire you to your full potential.

Love Emma x


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