Yin and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

with Jennifer Crescenzo and Emma Moulday

A 40 Hour Training | October 2019 @ Yoga Flame 

In health, energy flows efficiently through your body and mind. What does that mean?  Well, it means you can sit and read a book, play with your kids, or walk your dog. It also means you can speak honestly to your partner, solve a challenging problem at work, or grieve the loss of a loved one.

But what happens when things stop moving efficiently? You struggle to concentrate. You can’t get down on the ground to play with your kids or your pets. You struggle to make decisions. You have allergies, trouble digesting food, and getting restful sleep. Life gets harder.

In yoga, we look beneath the individual symptoms and explore habitual ways of moving, thinking, and breathing that lead to “dis-ease”. The practices of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra give you tools to soften, feel, and harmonise the flow of energy in your own body and mind so you can live your life more fully and freely.

Yin Yoga Sequencing

In the Yin Yoga sequencing modules you will be introduced to two different body maps – the Anatomy Trains of Tom Myers and the Five Organ Networks of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These maps describe how energy travels through your body and how small amounts of movement and breath can change the flow of energy.

Expect lecture and discussion to cover key concepts and guided Yin practice to integrate these concepts through your own direct, embodied experience.

Together we will explore the following:

  • Yin essentials such as the Target Area approach to teaching postures
  • How your nervous system maps movement and how tension distorts movement maps
  • How noticing and feeling your own “inner space” can change the way you move
  • How the way you structure a class can help students personalise their practice and identify their own needs
  • How to use a myofascial meridian (Anatomy Train) to sequence a Yin class
  • How to use Five Element Theory to sequence a Yin class


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra  or “sleeping with awareness” is a profound meditation practice that invites you to progressively relax into the layers of self and ultimately rest deeply in complete awareness. The practice provides a deep and impactful shift in your energy, health and mindset allowing you to live with more joy, peace and ease.

In this module you will learn about the science of Yoga Nidra with a focus primarily on the Para Yoga and Bihar School traditions – who provide two of the most comprehensive and sublime ways of practising.

Together we will explore;

  • The history of Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Nidra’s philosophical roots in the Upanishads
  • The layers of Self
  • The function and value of deep rest
  • The benefits of Yoga Nidra on our health and wellness
  • Practical experience of four unique practices
  • Learning how to effectively guide and share Yoga Nidra


Training Dates;

First Weekend – October 17th – 20th 

  • Thursday Oct 17 | 7pm – 10.30pm
  • Friday Oct 18 | 7pm – 10.30pm
  • Saturday Oct 19 | 11am – 4pm
  • Sunday Oct 20 | 11.15am – 4pm


Second Weekend – October 24th – 27th

  • Thursday Oct 24 | 7pm – 10.30pm
  • Friday Oct 25 | 7pm – 10.30pm
  • Saturday Oct 26 |11am – 4pm
  • Sunday Oct 27 | 11.15am – 4pm


This training will be primarily be directed towards yoga teachers – however we welcome all passionate and committed students of Yoga to join us


40 hours Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia


$895 $795 Early Bird $100 discount expiring August 15th

Full price after August 15th $895

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About Jennifer …

” My yoga journey started nearly 20 years ago with an injury. Unable to do my normal running and jumping things, I went to a yoga class at my gym.  I thought it would be easy and stretchy – and might help me recover. One class with an incredible teacher immediately changed my perspective! Yoga was not easy and I sensed it was different than all the sports I had played. I knew how to train and compete but I didn’t know much about self-connection or self-care. It was time to learn.  My deepening curiosity about myself led me to a tent in a Sivananda ashram, immersing myself in yoga and meditation.

After that first teacher training, I taught part time and continued my personal exploration of yoga.  I had a lot of questions and in 2009 those questions led me to Paul and Suzee Grilley and the beginning of my Yin Yoga studies. Soon after, I gave up my career as a documentary producer and became a full time yoga teacher. Through the years I have returned to Paul and Suzee for 300 hours of study including advanced trainings in chakra meditation, the Bhagavad Gita, and Patanjali’s sutras. In addition I have trained in anatomy and movement with Tom Myers, dissected a cadaver with Gil Hedley, and learned about embodied trauma with Bessel van der Kolk. I am a certified E-RYT and Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) through Yoga Alliance.

My own journey very much informs the way I teach. Like my first teacher, my style is practical and accessible. But I don’t dumb it down. I think you are smart and curious and creative and capable of learning and growing. I know that I’ll have to push you a little outside your comfort zone for that to happen. And I know you won’t always like it! But I want to help you understand how you move and to help you feel where you’re stuck. I’ve done my job when you start to feel new possibilities in every movement, moment, and breath.”


About Emma ..

Emma’s yoga journey began in the Hot Yoga and Vinyasa traditions with Jimmy Barkan in Florida in 2001. After certification she went to to assist in Jimmy’s international teacher trainings and is his most senior Australian teacher.

In 2006 Emma began studying Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda with master teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker in the esteemed Para Yoga tradition. For Emma this a life long journey and she is commited to always learning and growing as both a student and a teacher. She is a leading Para Yoga teacher in Australia and assists Yogarupa in his trainings in New Zealand, Australia and Asia. Emma is extremely honoured to be initiated in the Sri Vidya lineage through Yogarupa and has a strong connection to this tradition.

Emma has taught for over 10 years in the United States, Caribbean, Asia and Australia leading classes, workshops and retreats. She has taught at Wanderlust Melbourne and is a strong advocate for this festival. She is an E- RYT, and Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) through Yoga Alliance, 200 and 350 hour Teacher Trainer and a Level 2 Yoga Australia member. Having success as both a teacher and a studio owner Emma is highly sought after by yoga teachers all over the globe as a mentor in developing their professional journey. She is one of the key developers and lead trainers in Yoga Flame’s Teacher Training Programs. She is the Philosophy lecturer for Yoga Flames training programs as well as heading the business development modules.

Emma has been passionately building the Yoga Flame community with her husband Gabor Bukovinszky since 2009, successfully running two busy and vibrant studios in Moonee Ponds and Windsor. A mother to two young boys, Daniel and Lucas, she understand the importance of a balanced life and cites her sons as her greatest teachers.

Emma connects strongly to the Tantric and Ayurvedic world view: when we learn to direct energy effectively we create balance, harmony, expansion and growth. Meet Emma on the mat where she weaves intelligent and elegant sequencing around a particular theme or story. ‘Each class has a focus, and from there everything flows,’ she says. Her students enjoy her clear communication, precise alignment cues, warmth and extremely amusing jokes.

Like many teachers, Emma has discovered that in giving through her teaching, she receives much more in return.

‘I feel honoured and humbled to be of service. This to me is the most important thing – to connect and to serve. To help someone feel a little better about themselves is such a gift and it is what inspires me each and every day”