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Scientific Yoga and Healing with David Goulet

Sunday 18th February 12 – 3pm

Dr. Swami Gitananda stated “There is no such thing as an incurable disease.”  This statement highlights the vast wisdom inherent in the ancient science of Yoga, which presents us many ways to heal the body.  In this workshop we will dive deep in the healing aspects of practice  – much of which is now being validated through modern medicine.

Together we will discuss

  • Belief systems and disease
  • The amazing capabilities of the human auto immune system
  • Yogic empowerment of the mind body connection
  • The chemistry of oxygen
  • The role of pranayama and using prana to heal


During this workshop we will inquire into mindset, expectations and possibilities on both a mental and emotional level. Using this information we will use simple healing techniques such as deep breathing and movement to enhance our ability in preventing ill health and restoring lost health. Including asana, movement, breath, contemplation and concentration this practice is available to everybody!


About David

Since graduating from Ananda Ashram in 1972, David has continued his personal and professional pursuit of the yogic lifestyle as an international Yoga Teacher, Healer and Founder of numerous Retreat Centres.

Studying for two years under the much-loved Dr Swami Gitananda in Pondicherry India, David’s strong foundational understanding of the Ancient Chakra System provided the basis for much of his present day teachings. Through exploration, examination and a healthy curiosity, David’s subsequent travels in Mexico, Guatemala, Egypt, and South East Asia only further affirmed the wisdom he received from Swami Gitananda which he now shares with his students.