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Samkhya, The Chakra’s & Modern Science with David Goulet

Saturday 17th February 12 – 3pm

Join us in this exploration of the chakras in the light of modern science – uniting the yogic tradition with quantum physics, molecular biology, chemistry and physiology.

We will explore and discover the connections between the Samkhya Philosophy of Yoga and modern scientific theory. In particular, the Samkhya view that this world as somewhat of an illusion in comparison to the studies of quantum physics about the molecular world being made of “waves of possibilities”

Using this wisdom we will explore the relationship between the energetic vortexes in the body known as chakras with the five elements of nature – earth water fire air and ether. Finally, we will discover what this all means for us as yoga practitioners and how to use this wisdom in our daily life and practice.

Includes discussion, asana, movement, breath, contemplation and concentration


About David Goulet

Since graduating from Ananda Ashram in 1972, David has continued his personal and professional pursuit of the yogic lifestyle as an international Yoga Teacher, Healer and Founder of numerous Retreat Centres. 

Studying for two years under the much-loved Dr Swami Gitananda in Pondicherry India, David’s strong foundational understanding of the Ancient Chakra System provided the basis for much of his present day teachings. Through exploration, examination and a healthy curiosity, David’s subsequent travels in Mexico, Guatemala, Egypt, and South East Asia only further affirmed the wisdom he received from Swami Gitananda which he now shares with his students.