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Dance of the Deities with Andrew Mournehis

An inspiring and uplifting practice merging Mythology, Storytelling, Yoga and Dance. The whole class is infused with Divinely Inspired Music, Potent Ancient Mantras and set to Contemporary Tunes, integrating them into the “Dance of Life”

This special event includes;

Mythology and Story:

Philosophy talk, storytelling and sharing Myth for the particular Deity

Yoga Asana Practice:

Asana Practice that reflects the Philosophy and Deities in Section 1

Dance of The Deity; 

  • Learning portions of a Structured Dance sequence, created and choreographed for the Deity.
  • The Entire “Dance of the Deity” is practiced several times to embody



Cool down, relaxation and final integration in a relaxed state revisiting teachings, key points and take home lessons from the dance and myth/stories shared.

Your Investment

1 class $45 | 2 classes $80 | 3 classes $100

SATURDAY 30th June “The Wisdom Dance of Ganesha” 12 – 2.30pm

This Illuminating dance of Ganesha takes our dark broken parts and transforms them into light.



SATURDAY 7th July “The Fierce Love Dance of Kali” 12 – 2.30pm

This Truly Potent Dance to Kali allows us to powerfully transform our shadow aspects, revealing our most stunning gifts of Benevolence, Compassion and Deep Love.



SATURDAY 15th July “The Divine Dance of Shiva Nataraj” 12 – 2.30pm

This Beautiful Mysterious Dance allows us to embody the 5 Divine Acts of Shiva Nataraj and bring them to Life.



About Andrew Mournehis

First an optometrist, then a dancer, then a choreographer for none other than Tina Turner, a subsequent injury and illness forced Andrew to give it all up.

As a transpersonal counsellor he had a very clear vision that his gifts and passions were best directed in the power of group, mythology and the potent healing energy of personal and universal stories. Being an already well respected yoga teacher, he began combining his love of Yoga with his passion for transpersonal healing to create Transformative spaces for his students and participants.

Through a combination of Hatha, Bhakti and Tantra Yoga, his Creative, Joyful and Heart-filled teaching strengthen the body, soothe and clear the mind, whilst enlivening and enriching the Spirit. His unique teaching style is imbued with Heart and Soul, rich in Tantric Philosophy and his classes are filled with Inspiration, Storytelling, Mantra and the Spirit of the Divine.

Andrew has spent 20 years facilitating many healing groups, workshops, intensives and retreats both nationally and internationally working with the healing potential of Yoga, Movement, Tantra, Mythology, and Transpersonal Modalities. He brings to his work over 16 years of experience in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy Techniques, 20 years of Yoga Teaching and over 25 Years experience in the Creative Arts Fields.