Inspire Your Life at Yoga Flame

Welcome to a fresh perspective of aligning modern practice to the traditions of Yoga

Our Purpose

At Yoga Flame we connect to the natural world around us - drawing from the fluid intelligence of nature to bring flow into our practice, our teaching and our lives. As the Oxford dictionary states – to flow is to “v. to proceed continuously and effortlessly / n. A steady, continuous stream” Flow inspires our life, enabling us to evolve into our very best selves

In the tradition of Hatha Yoga this evolutionary flow is represented through the progressive stages of practice;
Moon – cultivating calmness and stability
Sun –building power and energy (prana)
Fire – self illumination and transformation
At Yoga Flame this path is a guiding light to inspire the evolution of our practice and our ourselves

Our Practice

In the tradition of yoga  the five elements are recognised as having unique qualities that influence the way we live. At Yoga Flame we use this traditional knowledge of the elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space – to inspire our practice and our life

All five elements are represented in some way in every class at Yoga Flame, however each class styles will focus more specifically on one or two key elements. On the class descriptions you will find the elements listed that are most prevalent in each practice so you can make the best choice about what YOU need to find transformation both on and off the mat


The earth element is solid and has the quality of being stable and creating a strong foundation. These classes explore the yogic ideal of “Sukha and Sthira” – that our practice should make us feel steady and at ease


Water is a liquid and has the quality of movement and fluidity. Classes that have a water element will inspire body awareness through mindful movement - opening ourselves to a state of flow and clarity


Fire is an element of purification and transformation. Classes with a fire element will encourage strength, mindful effort and purification


The qualities of the air element are expansion and lightness. All our classes include breath work (pranayama) as an essential part of the practice


The qualities of space are freedom, spaciousness and liberation. Classes with the space element will explore various meditation and mindfulness techniques