Doing a teacher training may seem like a daunting idea, but once you have a little more knowledge about what the program involves then you probably will find it is not only accessible and but also very rewarding and a lot of fun.

We often here the sentences “I want to do teacher training BUT …” and “I want to do the training to deepen my practice BUT…“ so here are some common concerns that people have about undertaking the program – and our answers as well;

“I am not good enough at Yoga “

There is no “level” of practice you need to have to be able to undertake Yoga Flame’s teacher training. If you don’t do arm balances or inversions, we don’t mind at all!  The only prerequisite we have is that you have a consistent practice, you are committed, and you love yoga! If you are brand new to yoga then now wouldn’t be the right time to apply but if you know what your yoga teacher means when they say warrior 2, down dog and tree pose then this training is definitely a possibility for you.

“I don’t have enough time”

As with most things in life we THINK we don’t have enough time but when we look at it closely it is really a matter of prioritising what is important. Have you ever counted how much of your day you spend on social media, watching tv or just hanging out? Don’t worry – we understand a little downtime is important, but the majority of your time should be saved for what is important; what will lift you up and inspire you to be better. Also, you will probably find that your network of family and friends are more than happy to step up and help you during the training – they WANT to see you grow so that you can become your best self! Maybe ask them what they think and if they can help you out over this time?

“I don’t want to be a teacher”

You definitely don’t have to want to become a yoga teacher to do a teacher training. Over the years we have had many students who came along to the training to develop their own practice, to learn more about yoga, to meet new people or to find personal growth and fulfillment.  Yes, you will receive a teaching certificate at the end, but it is your choice about what you do with it. Maybe you decide to teach or maybe not – the choice is completely yours.

“I don’t know anyone”

Every training on the first day the room is quiet as people are a little hesitant, shy and unsure about what is happening. We tell them that at the end of the next three months the people in the room with them will become some of their best friends. While they seem unsure at the time by the end of the training, they always realise that this is true. The community that is created during training is always one of the unexpected and also most meaningful parts of the experience of teacher training

“I’ll be ready to do it next year”

We promise you – there is never going to be the “perfect” time to do your teacher training. You could wait for everything to be “exactly right” before enrolling but as many of know life doesn’t usually turn out as we expected it to – there are always things changing and moving. So, if you are waiting for all your stars to align please be aware, they probably never will. There will always be some challenges and concessions that you might need to overcome to make it happen for you now – but we know those adjustments will be so worth it when you finally achieve your goal of completing a teacher training.


Some things that might surprise you about doing a Teacher Training;

  • You will make a whole tribe of new friends who will become your second family
  • Your week immersion in Byron Bay will be one of the BEST WEEKS of your life
  • You will smile, laugh and perhaps even dance A LOT
  • Your family and friends will be extremely proud of you as they witness so many positive changes that come from doing the training
  • You will find a new level of self-confidence, self-knowledge, compassion and joy
  • You will receive teacher discounts at Yoga Flame, Lululemon and more!
  • You will become part of our Yoga Flame TT community who share advice and opportunities
  • You will ignite your fullest potential
  • Many of our graduates now have regular opportunities at Yoga Flame – did you know Hannah, Mohit, Jennifer, Tash, Jamie and Yvette are all graduates of our Teacher Training

Testimonials from past Yoga Flame graduates

“A beautiful, intimate community who have changed my life forever.” Rhiannon

“One of the best experiences of my life.” Belinda

“Gabor, Emma and trainers used exactly the right approach to bring out the very best in every student during the training. They were genuine, honest, supportive and approachable at all times. There was absolutely nothing I would change about the course.” Kim

“This program changed my life. It was beyond fantastic. I am so glad I dived into the deep end.” Genevieve

“The teachers were wonderful, very knowledgeable, supportive and inspirational. The course was really well structured. Very easy to fit into regular life commitments. I am so glad I chose Yoga Flame to start my journey as a yoga teacher. Thank you!” Serita

Read more testimonials HERE

So – if you are thinking about taking the step and join us on February 5th for our upcoming teacher training you can apply through the links on our website HERE.

If you are still unsure let us know! We can give you a call or meet up for a cuppa and have a chat about the training and answer any questions you might have. Just send us an email at

Hope you have a great day, Namaste!

Emma, Gabor and the Yoga Flame Team


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