35 Hour Continuing Education Module - Evolve your teaching and expand your possibilities

Location Name: Yoga Flame
Investment: $670

November 11 - 21 Part Time
35 Hours

Yoga Flame’s Masterful Teaching Series will evolve your teaching and expand your possibilities. Led by Yoga Flame’s recognised and trusted senior teaching team, each module will strengthen your skills, knowledge and technique. This advanced wisdom will make you a more sought after and expert teacher which will invite more possibilities and opportunities for your teaching career.

Curate your own unique pathway by choosing from our extensive range of modules which can be taken individually for professional development or combine modules together for your 150 hour Post Graduate certification with Yoga Australia

Physical and Energetic Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

In this Masterful Teaching  module we will explore both the outer and inner body and learn practical and effective ways to empower your teaching. Through learning how to read and understand your students bodies better you will discover ways to help and guide their practice more deeply

This module includes detailed emphasis on practical and relevant anatomy specifically for yoga. This will enable you to better serve the needs of your students on a physical level.

We will also explore the techniques of Hatha Yoga and study the five layers, known as the koshas, to deepen our understanding of our energetic anatomy.

Key Areas of Growth and Learning;

~ Explore important anatomical systems and how to work with different bodies safely and effectively.

~ Anatomy in Action. Breakdown and analyse key posture groups and how they affect the different systems of the body.

~ Learn to read your students bodies through understanding common skeletal variations and other anatomical differences and limitations.

~ Deepen your understanding the spine

~ Expand your knowledge of the wide variety of techniques in the Hatha Yoga Vinyasa tradition and how to make them relevant in modern life and practice.

~ Topics will include koshas, subtle body anatomy, chakras, nadi’s and the prana vayus

~ Harnessing and moving energy through engagement – an in depth exploration of the bandhas

~ Advance your pranayama knowledge and experience by exploring a wide range of techniques, working with retentions and ratios, and learning how to incorporate pranayama into your classes

Including both lecture, practice and teaching to fully understand and embody this wisdom

Training Dates;

Thursday November 11th 7 – 10pm 

Friday November 12th 7 – 10pm 

Saturday November 13th 11 – 4pm 

Sunday November 14th 11- 4pm


Thursday November 18th 7 – 10pm 

Friday November 19th 7 – 10pm 

Saturday November 20th 11 – 4pm 

Sunday November 21st 11- 4pm 


Investment $670

The Teacher Training Team

Gabor Bukovinszky, Emma Moulday- Bukovinszky & Tamblyn Lord

Yoga Flame Senior Teacher Training Team

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