35 Hour Continuing Education Module - Evolve your teaching and expand your possibilities

Location Name: Yoga Flame
Investment: $670

October 5th - 15th Part Time
35 Hours

Welcome to our Theming and Sequencing Yoga Teacher Training, designed specifically for experienced yoga teachers looking to elevate their teaching to the next level. In this program, we go beyond the basics and delve deep into the art of crafting captivating class themes and masterful flowing sequences.

You’ll refine your sequencing skills, learning how to create well-rounded classes that offer a profound and impactful blend of asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques. Our highly experienced trainers will mentor you in the subtle nuances of weaving themes that resonate deeply with your students, fostering a transformative experience on and off the mat.

By the end of this training, you’ll emerge as a more skilled and confident yoga teacher, ready to inspire and guide your students on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth. Join us for this enriching and empowering experience as you take your teaching to the next level.

Key learning objectives;

~ Become empowered with the principles of vinyasa krama – intelligent and purposeful sequencing – including wave sequencing, working with peak poses, sequencing do’s and don’ts, counter poses and energetic alignment.

~ Create meaningful practices using themeing, effective and creative language and incorporating philosophy into your classes

~ Receive highly effective, practical and individualised one on one attention through our supportive and inspiring feedback process,  This unique and powerful experience will give the tools to empower yourself and your teaching and accelerate your growth and potential.

~  Discover a deeper level of personal development to become an even more inspiring, valued and effective teacher and leader

~ Develop your teachers tool kit by exploring an advanced level of voice projection, body language, and communication skills

~ Learn important techniques on how to inspire and empower your students ; building connection and rapport

~ Grow and learn together in a supportive community of fellow teachers – enriching your connection and building your relationships with others who are passionate about the journey of Yoga

~ Take your personal practice to the next level!


Training Dates, October 2023


Thursday October 5th  7-10pm 

Friday October 6th  7 – 10pm 

Saturday October 7th 11 – 4pm

Sunday October 8th 11 – 4pm


Thursday October 12th 7-10pm 

Friday October 13th 7 – 10pm 

Saturday October 14th 11 – 4pm

Sunday October 15th 11 – 4pm

Featuring Yoga Flame’s senior Teacher Training Team

Gabor Bukovinszky, Tamblyn Lord  Emma Moulday Bukovinszky

This training is capped at 12 students to ensure each person receives comprehensive and personal feedback and guidance. 


Investment $670


Yoga Flame’s Post Graduate Teaching Series will evolve your teaching and expand your possibilities. Led by Yoga Flame’s recognised and trusted senior teaching team, each module will strengthen your skills, knowledge and technique. This advanced wisdom will make you a more sought after and expert teacher which will invite more possibilities and opportunities for your teaching career.

Curate your own unique pathway by choosing from our extensive range of modules which can be taken individually for professional development or combine modules together for your 150 hour Post Graduate certification with Yoga Australia

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