20 Hour Continuing Education Module - Evolve your teaching and expand your possibilities

Location Name: Yoga Flame
Investment: $397

Postponed until Mid 2022 - Dates TBA
20 Hours

Yoga Flame’s Masterful Teaching Series will evolve your teaching and expand your possibilities. Led by Yoga Flame’s recognised and trusted senior teaching team, each module will strengthen your skills, knowledge and technique. This advanced wisdom will make you a more sought after and expert teacher which will invite more possibilities and opportunities for your teaching career.

Curate your own unique pathway by choosing from our extensive range of modules which can be taken individually for professional development or combine modules together for your 150 hour Post Graduate certification with Yoga Australia. All courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia

Different people learn in different ways, so to be an effective guide as yoga teachers we need to be effective communicators. There are many ways we can communicate with our students in their practice; verbally through our words and tone, visually through our body language and demonstration and also kinesthetically by giving tactile, directional and sensory information through our hands.

You can teach a masterful and purposeful class without ever needing to touch a student. Our primary tools of communication as yoga teachers should always be our words and demonstration

However, used with clarity and sensitivity touch is a tool that, if you are comfortable using it, can give your students more information on how to practice more effectively.

In this 20 hour module we will explore how we can safely, effectively and purposefully assist and enhance our students experience and understanding of yoga by using the many ways of communicating available to use as yoga teachers including hands on assisting and enhancements.

Please note – this training will be offered with a covid safe plan with highest standards of hygiene protocols in place in accordance with current regulations 

Schedule – Due to the current wave this training is postponed until Mid 2022 – Dates TBA


Thursday 20th January   7 – 10.30pm 

Friday 21st of  January 7 – 10.30pm 

Saturday 22nd of January 11 – 4pm 

Sunday 23rd January 11 – 4pm   


20 hours Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia

Investment $397

This training will be lead by senior teachers Gabor Bukovinszky and Tamblyn Lord 

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