Yoga Flame is a safe space to practice

How is the studios always high standard of cleanliness being maintained?
  • Our upstairs studio’s state of the art ventilation system allows a constant circulation of fresh air throughout the room. Our downstairs studio features a fresh air ventilation system – providing a constant source of fresh air in the room
  • 6 new hand sanitisation stations throughout the studio
  • All fabric towels have been replaced with paper towels in both bathrooms and for mat cleaning
  • Continued use of our environmentally friendly and anti bacterial cleaning products as recommended to us by the DHHS
  • Mats spaces have been marked out to ensure social distancing
  • Regular deep clean of entire studio
  • Increased daily cleaning of the studio in particular at all points of contact
  • Covid 19 training for all staff
  • Adherence to all required health and safety regulations

Covid 19 Regulations and how it impacts the studio

  • Classes will be limited to 1 student per 2sqm per class in both studios
  • Social distancing of at least 1.5 metres will be ensured throughout the studio
  • In line with the regulations set out by the state government which requires that, at the moment, all teachers and students need to be fully vaccinated. You can show your certificate at the studio when you arrive back for your first class or if you prefer you can email a copy here and we will update your profile. Please note, we do not keep any documents on file – we just need to sight your certificate once and then you don’t have to show it again. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.
Bookings and cancellations
  • Bookings will open 6 days before the class date
  • We highly recommend via our website or Yoga Flame App to avoid disppointment
  • To be fair to all students all no shows and late cancellation outside the 3 hour window will be charged for the class.
Memberships and passes

There is currently no booking restrictions on our unlimited passes

Mats and props
  • WE recommend bringing your own mat to use. Rental mats are available for $1 if needed
  • Please bring along a towel or pillowcase to cover your bolster if you are practising a yin or hatha class
  • You are welcome to keep your mat stored at the studio provided you clean it after each use and store it in a closed mat bag with your full name clearly labelled
  • We have a range of mats, mat bags and props available for purchase at the studio
Studio facilities
  • Change rooms and shower facilities are available
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the front door, at the front desk and in both studios and change rooms

If a class is fully booked you can place your name on a wait list. If someone cancels their spot you will then be moved into the class. Waitlists close 3 hours before the class start time, so if you haven’t received a notification at least 3 hours before class it means you haven’t been added.

It is very important that you have email and text notifications ON in order to be notified that you have been added to a class. If you don’t then we have no way of letting you know.

Please note, if you don’t attend after being added from the waitlist it is treated as a no – show and penalties will apply. So, if you are on a waitlist,  make sure to keep checking your account, email and texts. If you don’t want to wait any longer simply remove yourself from the wait list, giving someone else an opportunity to sign up.

If you really wanted to attend a particular class we also recommend checking the timetable a couple of hours before – in case somebody ended up cancelling inside the 3 hour window. As mentioned earlier, you won’t be added from a waitlist to a class within 3 hours of the class start time – but might have a chance to join if there has been a late cancellation.

Yoga Flame Online

Will the online classes be available once you re-open?

YES! Due to the popularity of our online classes we will be maintaining this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in starting Yoga at Yoga Flame. What would be the best class for me?

If you are new to yoga we recommend the Flow, Hatha Flow, Yin and Essentials classes as a good place to start. These classes will give you a good base and will offer a lot of beginner friendly instruction. It really depends on what level of intensity you are after.

The Flow classes are the most active of all the beginner classes, Slow Flow and Essentials classes are a little slower but still reasonably active, Hatha Flow is a little more gentle and the Yin is a slow and restorative practice.

All of these classes are also suitable for students who have been practising yoga for a while – as they provide many options and opportunities to deepen your practice.

Our Fluid Flow classes are multi-level classes so will offer instructions to both beginners and also more advanced students. They are also a little more physically demanding, so expect to work a bit harder!

The great thing about Yoga Flame is there is such a wide range of classes so you are sure to find something that suits you and your schedule.

How do I book for a class?

Have a look at our timetable here and decide which classes you would like to attend . You can book online through the timetable page, through our iphone app or android app or come in to the studio before class. If you are booking at the studio please aim to arrive 20 mins before the class starts so we can get you registered.

Do you have any special offers for new students?

We sure do! As a first time student you will start on our Intro Offer 14 days unlimited classes for $35. Make sure to choose this option when making your booking. The 14 days start from the date of your first class.

What do I need to bring?

You will need a yoga mat, towel and bottle of water. We recommend bringing your own mat if possible. Rental mats are available for $1

You should wear light, comfortable clothing that you can move easily in – we suggest clothing that is similar to what you would wear to the gym.

Will the classes at Yoga Flame help me get into shape?

With the exception of our Yin class, the dynamic nature of the classes will stimulate your circulation which aids in developing cardiovascular fitness. As our classes are oriented towards developing a healthy body (among other things!) you will be using all of your major muscle groups to perform the poses. With a consistent yoga practice over time you will notice you become stronger and more toned.

What if I am not flexible?

Perfect! That’s why you’re here. Each pose can be adapted to suit your level, so we encourage you to ‘begin where you are’ – respect your limits and know that you are becoming stronger and more flexible with each class.

What if I am injured?

Please let your teacher know before class if you have any injuries or conditions so they can help you. Your teachers have experience teaching students who are injured and will be able to offer appropriate modifications for your individual needs.

Is there a minimum age to practice at Yoga Flame?

Yes, we ask that all our students are 16 years old or above.

How often should I come?

Consistency is the key! We recommend at least three classes a week for a noticeable difference in physical and mental wellbeing, however every little bit counts! If you can make one or two classes each week that is fantastic! Most students find that they are most consistent when they commit to the same classes each week – so figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle and then lock those classes into your diary.

FAQs About Our Memberships and Vouchers

I am a new student at Yoga Flame. What is the best pricing option for me?

Welcome! As a first time student you can start on our Intro Offer 14 days unlimited classes for $35. Make sure to choose this option when making your booking. The 14 days start from the date of your first class. This pass is great value and gives you an awesome opportunity to get to know our community

How long are the passes valid for?

Our 5 class pass is valid for 2 months from the date of first use
Our 10 class pass is valid for 4 months from the date of first use
Our unlimited passes are all valid for the time period stated on the pass. For example a 1 month unlimited is valid for one month from the date of first use.

Can passes be put on hold?

Both our 12 months upfront and 12 month direct debit options can be put on hold for up to 4 weeks per contract. This suspension can be broken into parts but each time must be for a minimum of 7 days. All of our passes and memberships can be put on hold for medical reasons with a valid medical certificate.

I am not sure which pass is best for me - can you help?

Definitely! We have a wide range to suit every student. If you are coming once a week our casual visit, 5 or 10 class passes are the best value. If you are coming more than twice a week we recommend our unlimited passes. From there it just depends on how much of a commitment you wish to make – the longer the commitment the more cost effective the membership.

What are the terms of the direct debit contracts?

Early cancellation of a direct debit contract will incur a $50 cancellation fee plus 20% of the remaining 12 month contract or 25% of the remaining 3 month contract.

I received a Yoga Flame Gift voucher - how can I redeem it?

Congratulations! There are a few different ways to redeem your voucher – you can enter the number through your online account, send us an email at or call us on 9370 7979

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