Is it time to Inspire Your life?

Are you;

  • Feeling stuck in your career, relationships or perhaps in life itself
  • Feeling disconnected with a lack of purpose, clarity or vision
  • Procrastinating on making the changes you know you need to make
  • Self sabotaging through bad habits, unhelpful self talk or wrong choices
  • Lacking self confidence, self belief or have low self esteem
  • Successful in your life / business and want to take it to the next level


Engaging the guidance of a transformational coach will give you the tools to break free from this cycle. With objective clarity, your coach will help you to inspire your life – giving you the confidence, focus and skill to flourish in every way. Your coach will work with you to improve your personal relationships, thrive in your business – whatever area of your life in which you are looking for expansion and growth.


Gabor Bukovinszky is a trained life coach, NLP and Meta Dynamics practitioner and senior Yoga teacher. His passion is people and his purpose is to help YOU shine. Through his studies in human behaviour and professional experience, he will help you to break through your limiting beliefs, plan the future you desire and inspire you into action to make these intentions a reality. Gabor has worked with sports professionals, business owners, yoga teachers, managers, artists and many more to awaken their inspiration for life and realise their dreams. 



Private Transformational Coaching 

In your private coaching sessions, we will work with you to clarify your needs, identify the obstacles in your way and provide you with effective and attainable actions to remove these obstacles and inspire your life.

Contact us for a FREE 30-minute session so to see what we can do to help YOU inspire YOUR life!

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Group Coaching and Workshops

Do you have a team, group or organization that is ready to be inspired? With a vast level experience in hosting large events Gabor is an engaging leader and public speaker. He has the unique ability to build instant rapport with his warmth, humour, dedication and passion for people. He can tailor a package to whatever outcome you desire for your group. Here is just a small sample of what he can provide;

  • 3 hour workshops
  • All day Urban retreats

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Location and convenience 

Convenience is always important so Gabor is available for one to one consultations in his office in Moonee Ponds, via Skype or over the phone. Group bookings can be provided either onsite at his office or off-site at a location of your choosing


I first came to Gabor because I wanted to change direction professionally but was stuck with my choices. Gabor really made it easy for me to share with him. He is a great listener and talking to him was like speaking with a good friend plus the added bonus of the structured approach of his coaching skills.
I recommend coaching in general, and with Gabor particularly, to anyone who needs help in any form, whether professional or private.
Peter H
Gabor is a very inspiring, enthusiastic, compassionate, patient and down-to-earth coach. I have found the sessions extremely valuable and I am thrilled with the results I have been able to achieve! Gabor’s coaching has made a significant impact on me both personally and professionally. I am extremely grateful for all his guidance and support and I would highly recommend him to others.
Elena L
My session with Gabor was nothing short of miraculous. I am so grateful for our session together and would most definitely recommend anyone to seek out his help! Thank you Gabor. You are an angel.
Nicole F
“Thank you so much for the workshop- it is exactly what I needed.  Affirmation!!!
Moving from intention to determination! Thank you for inspiring me “
“I absolutely loved attending your workshop, reconnecting in with my life vision and putting actionable steps in place to achieve it . Your passion and commitment to sharing your knowledge is powerful. A workshop full of love, learnings, laughter, connection, growth and action”