Get the balance right — your mindset, relationships and wellbeing

When your mindset, relationships and wellbeing are in balance, you feel more positive and energised about your future. You’re excited to look forward, set goals, and take action towards success — in whatever way is right to you. That is living the “The Inspired Life”! To set ourselves up for the best opportunities, it helps to stop and look at what’s working for us, and what we can change so we can fulfil our potential. This is where Inspiration for Life can help!

We’re here to help you find a natural flow and energy across every aspect of your life, from your mindset to relationships, to your overall wellbeing. We’ll help you to spark your inspiration, create meaningful plans for your future, and set in place the steps to get there. Whatever stage you’re at — whether it’s at the beginning of a journey, or you’re looking to build on achievements — you can reach new heights and achieve lasting results. Find your personal power, contentment, and joy in your life and work.

You can take part in mindset coaching for individuals, or participate in our group workshops, which will all help you to live The Inspired Life.

Private Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are tailored to your needs around your mindset, relationships and wellbeing. Through transformative questions, constructive challenges, and fresh perspectives, you can gain clarity on your values and beliefs, understand your thinking and habits, find your passion and purpose, and be inspired for the future.

Group Coaching and Workshops

When groups, such as work colleagues or sports teams, have a positive mindset, strong relationships and wellbeing, they are more effective and productive. Our workshops for groups are hosted by Founder Gabor Bukovinszky, who will come to your organisation and offer structured and tailored modules designed to inspire change.

Gabor Bukovinszky is a trained life coach, NLP and Meta Dynamics practitioner and senior Yoga teacher. His passion is people and his purpose is to help YOU shine. Through his studies in human behaviour and professional experience, he will help you to break through your limiting beliefs, plan the future you desire and inspire you into action to make these intentions a reality. Gabor has worked with sports professionals, business owners, yoga teachers, managers, artists and many more to awaken their inspiration for life and realise their dreams.

Location and Convenience

Convenience is always important so Gabor is available for one to one consultations in his office in Moonee Ponds, via Skype or over the phone. Group bookings can be provided either onsite at his office or off—site at a location of your choosing

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