Hot Yoga Flow

Our signature class - Yoga Flame's unique style of Hot Yoga! A slow flowing practice that increases strength and flexibility while the heat allows you to open and transform. The basic framework is consistent in each class however the sequences will vary slightly each day to keep your practice fresh and challenging
34 degrees


A dynamic vinyasa class that explores and breaks down a wide range of possibilities. Great for experienced beginners and intermediate students, this class may include inversions and arm balances. Each practice is an expression of the teachers focus for the day so have fun and explore your potential! This class is offered in both heated and not heated formats
24 degrees – Warm vinyasa
30 degrees – Heated vinyasa

Yoga Essentials

Whether you are new to yoga and want a slow paced flow class to learn the basics or have been practicing for a while and want to refine your postures- this is the class for you! During this practice you will explore alignment and purpose – giving you the tools to confidently join any class on our schedule
Warm room - around 24 degrees

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga invites you to take a moment and enjoy long deep stretches that will release both mental and physical tension. Working primarily with the connective tissue of the body it is the perfect complement to stronger "yang" style practices
Warm room - around 24 degrees

Hatha Flow

Using postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques Hatha Flow explores a nurturing and therapeutic way to practice. Perfect for those days when you need to relax and renew
Warm room - around 24 Degrees