Last month we looked at the doshas and their key characteristics. If you haven’t already do an online quiz to discover your dosha.

So now you know what it is what are you going to do about it?

Here are some handy hints for balancing our doshas when they get a little out of control.

If your VATA is out of whack you will feel exhausted, drained, spacey and scattered. To reduce vata:

Get ample rest
Stay warm
Avoid taking on too much
Eat warm substantial foods (avoid popcorn!)
Drink herbal teas
Reduce stimulation such as TV, coffee, alcohol
Massage your body with sesame oil – preferably in the morning
Practice Hot Flow, Essentials, Yin and Hatha Flow

If your PITTA dosha is unbalanced you may feel angry, frustrated, burnt out and stressed. To reduce pitta:

Allow yourself time to wind each evening
Keep cool
Avoid overeating – a clean diet that avoids spicy, oily foods is best
Avoid strenuous exercise
Get outdoors – particularly at sunset and the evenings
Laugh – watch a funny movie or hang out with people who make you smile!
Practice Hatha Flow, Yin and Essentials

When KAPHA is unbalanced you may be feeling possessive, heavy, lazy, congested and sleepy. To reduce Kapha:

Exercise – get moving!
Variety is the key – explore new places, new people new experiences
Avoid overeating – especially sweet and heavy foods. Light meals that will stimulate your digestion are best
Drink ginger tea
Stay warm but avoid dampness
Avoid oversleeping
Practice Hot Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha Flow and Essentials
Remember we are all a unique combination of all three doshas so any one element may be unbalanced at any one time. By following these simple lifestyle choices you will be feeling clear, centred and balanced in no time.

See you on the mat!


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