As you know I am a huge fan of yoga – I have built my life around studying and conveying its amazing qualities and benefits.

What I am also deeply passionate about is Yoga’s sister science – Ayurveda. Literally translated Ayurveda means life (ayur) knowledge (veda). It is an amazingly deep, comprehensive and elegant world view that makes as much sense today as it did 5,000 years ago.

A key tenet of Ayurvedic thought is that each of us is born with a unique combination of the doshas– Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Doshas can also be described as energetic forces. Each one has very distinct characteristics, expressions and qualities. Most people have one or two dominant doshas with a few people having an equal balance of three which is known as being tri-doshic. Understanding the doshas can give us a lot of information about ourselves and others and help us to find balance and health.

Vata‘s element is air giving it the key attribute of movement. Qualities of Vata include dryness, mobility, energy, creativity, and agility. Typically a Vata type will be someone whose energy comes in bursts, is creative and excitable, loves change, learns quickly – but is also quick to forget. A Vata type who is balanced will be enthusiastic, energetic with a clear and alert mind. When vata is out of balance they will be restless and fatigued due to over exertion and may be a bit flaky.

Pitta is governed by fire and its key attribute is metabolism. Pitta qualities are heat, sharpness, oiliness, intelligence, braveness, vitality, motivation. Typically someone with a dominant Pitta dosha will be passionate, have a sharp intellect, be ambitious and enjoy challenge. In balance a Pitta person will be joyful, confident and courageous, they are great leaders. Out of balance Pittas can be hot tempered, argumentative and impatient.

Kapha is associated with the element of earth and attributed to structure. Kapha is connected to stability, softness, dampness, grace, tranquillity and steady energy. A Kapha type will be a relaxed person who is never in any rush but has great strength and endurance. In balance a Kapha will be the best friend in the world – loyal, honest and affectionate. They are grounded and have a very serene and calm nature. Out of balance Kaphas can become complacent and tend to be lazy, lethargic and stubborn.

Want to know more? Do an online survey to find out your dosha then read my blog about finding balance. And in case you are wondering – I am Vata/Kapha!


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