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Are You Ready for Your Run This Sunday?

I signed up for a half marathon back in December 2022. Little did I know then that winter would bring illness my way. After a grueling 8 weeks of recovery, with no running mileage since April 2023, the half marathon seemed like a distant dream. That was until my final hospital visit, where my doctor […]

I would like to do teacher training BUT ….

Doing a teacher training may seem like a daunting idea, but once you have a little more knowledge about what the program involves then you probably will find it is not only accessible and but also very rewarding and a lot of fun. We often here the sentences “I want to do teacher training BUT […]

Men of Movember by Gabor Bukovinszky

For the past few years I have decided the be part of the Movember campaign – a well-known platform to help raise awareness and funds for men’s health. Also, for the second year I have attended the “I’m Just A Man “gala night established by Jim Skivalidas who went through a very challenging period in […]