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Marrying the core of western yoga with the pure power and heart of the Upanishadic tradition. Join two of Australia’s best loved teachers as they take us on an extraordinary ride into the pure power and mystery of yoga in the 21st century

July 29th & 30th / 9.30am – 4.30pm / Yoga Flame Windsor

Day One with John Weddepohl ; Jailbreaking the human being- Moksha in the 21st Century.

Session One

YIN and YANG Nadhis – Yoga’s forgotten secret, the power of pure yoga in action

In this session you will discover how the Nadhis are the power in yoga.

The pure dynamic power and magnetism in our lives comes from the sun and moon energy. Lying dormant and untapped when these two powers become active working together at full force, not only does everything become beautifully synchronistic, your whole life becomes vibrant and effortless. It’s like the whole universe is suddenly on steroids running in synch to your heartbeat. No matter what you do you can’t seem to put a foot wrong.

Nothing works without Surya (sun) and Chandra ( moon) Nadhis. When purified and fully activated their flow, called swara becomes the driving force in your life. Knowing how to move Swara is yoga’s forgotten secret. Already driving everything we just don’t know it. When the swara is flowing and the union of sun and moon is working for you, yoga is working for you.

Session Two

Practical session with asana and pranayama

ISHTA Mala is a set sequence of asana designed to open and purify the nadhis keeping the swara flowing in full force. Unlocking the previously clogged circuits of energy called nadhis releases the core power of your yoga practice.

No matter how disciplined or undisciplined you are in your practice and diet, if YIN and YANG nadhis are weak, the swara of pure dynamism doesn’t flow in your life. You are still in seed state and your pure potentiality is lying dormant. Until you awaken your nadhis their hidden power is unknown to you. It seems ‘as though’ the whole universe is working against you.

In this session John will lead the group through the Ishta Mala sequence and share Kriya breathing practices to open and free the Nadhis

Session Three

Moksha. Jailbreaking the human being.
Learn how absolute power and dynamism arises in absolute stillness.

This stillness is called Self. Atma

While all your energy is tied up in getting by day to day with so little energy left for the force of pure dynamism, unless there is a complete shift in awareness swara doesn’t come alive and move properly. For pure dynamism to flow and your actions to succeed you need to be free. Freedom in yoga is called Moksha. Pure dynamism in action known as kundalini is the awakening from dormancy the full dynamic potential of the human being. To do this you have to jailbreak the human being.

The full dynamic awakening of the human being happens in Self Knowledge. Having stood the test of time Atma Gnanam (the teachings of Self knowledge) have been jalbreaking human beings since time immemorial. From the very beginning, when humans first questioned themselves questioning this ‘I’, these teachings have always provided the answer solving the mystery of our existence.

Having never changed since then, the upanishadic teachings of Self Knowledge are the most powerful teachings available to mankind. Sit with the teachings of moksha freedom and liberation as we break open the secret of yoga hidden inside you. With the help of the Upanishads come and share in the discovery of your SELF – yoga’s best kept secret

Please note; This is a full day workshop which can be purchased as a single day or in conjunction with Day Two with Rachel at a discounted price

CLICK HERE to discover “Unlock the Pure Heart of Yoga Day Two with Rachel Zinman”

 Purchase single workshop $175  Purchase full weekend $325

John’s Bio

John Weddepohl (Siddharthan) has always been blessed with teachers. One of few English speakers teaching Self Knowledge, John joins two of India’s time honored traditions dating back to India’s great revivalist Adi Shankara and great Guru Boghanathar Siddha one of the 18 Tamil Siddhas.
Persuaded by his first teachers Yogiraj Alan Finger and his father Kavi Yogi Mani Finger John opened up their first ISHTA Yoga Studio in downtown Johannesburg South Africa in 1969. Under the apartheid regime ruling South Africa it wasn’t long before the school was shut down by the authorities and he needed a job. A talented musician from the age of seven, John soon found success as a singer songwriter and later composing music for film and television. With the release of Nelson Mandela from prison sanctions barring South Africans from visiting India were finally lifted and arriving there in 2004, John journeyed across India as a western साधु sadhu.

It is through the grace and blessing of his Master H.H. Sri Pujya Suddhananda Swamiji and the blessings of the Boghanathar Siddha tradition of Palani that John has been able to assimilate the wisdom of the Upanishads and share the secrets of Asta Yoga, the Yoga of Agastya.

A Self Knowledge teacher uses a unique teaching methodology (अध्यारोप अपवाद adhyaropa apavada) to break open the timeless secret of the Self Atman hidden in the upanishads (शास्त्र sastra). Known as अनधिगत anadhigata, knowledge that is not available from another source, the teachings of आत्मा ज्ञानम् Atma Gnanam Self Knowledge have stood the test of time uplifting humanity and resolving the problem of human suffering in India for countless generations.

John teaches the philosophy component on the Ishta System Mentorship Teacher Training, the Yoga Synergy teacher training with Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss and for Air Yoga in Munich. He has been featured on the Bali Spirit Festival, The Byron Spirit Retreat, The Berlin Yoga Festival, Bhakti Yoga Summer and taught workshops and retreats in India, Bali, Japan, Europe, South Africa and Australia since 2010

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